Paradise Re-Envisioned: A Journey through the Bible with our Spiritual Ancestors

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It is always open ended.

In my time we learned a bit of it and I loved it, because it is Logic, like reading Plato. So in order to know what is in the Talmud — which none of the non-orthodox Israelis or Jews know — you have to read at least a whole chapter, pros and cons etc. One of the most discussed subjects in the Talmud as in the Torah is the treatment of foreigners, workers, slaves etc. Extremely human and enlightening. And again: the reason for the ruthlessness and violence towards Palestinians is not to be found in ancient writings but in Modern ones.

Auschwitz was not prescribed in any ancient scripture, neither is Israeli colonialism. Can you get my website: alicewalkersgarden.


If so, please read the entire poem. I am including it here. Also, would you mind if I published your letter to help with the discussion, which seems to be, from what I hear, more about shouting. In my awakening. Long before I knew Or cared What they were. To tell the truth It has always calmed me To have them near. Too much time has passed. I cannot be fooled.

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Zionist Nazis are not the Jews I know; terrorists who would and do Kill anyone and anything To get what they want:. Control over everyone. I will never be divided from my friends.

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No matter how bad Zionist Nazis are making Jews look. I like especially to see Jews standing firm With the same Realization I also have: That the dream of one humanity, Of one race of humankind Is being born each day In every one of us Who leave race and culture and religion Handed to us at birth behind And hold ourselves accountable today This minute To the standard of eternal Caring For the one United Tribe Of Conscious Earthlings. I believe it can only help us evolve, if we examine our basic religious programming, whatever it is.

Though students may no longer read the ancient texts: the Koran, the Bible, the Torah or Talmud, the Buddhist texts carved in stone in what used to be Burma, these teachings continue to inform human activity. I have experienced some of their effects in my own life. In any case, as someone ignorant yes, this is true of what is in the ancient texts in their totality, I am, millions of us are, still wounded by the parts that have been inherited by word of mouth, over generations, and millennia, and are recognized as active in human behavior today.

For instance: here are places we have already, to some degree, brought negative Biblical teachings up to date: Blackness is not a curse but a blessing! Woman must not keep silent in the churches, she must speak! Perhaps being misunderstood, or risking harm to ourselves, as well as infuriating others as we go.

I wish to affirm that I am not anti-anyone. I am also free enough to realize that to attempt to damage such a life would not be helpful and would in fact be a backward move. There is far more important work to be done. May we all enter the New Year peacefully, and in peace continue our journey.

What Happens After Death? A Christian Perspective

Happy Solstice! The Light is Returning to a Darkened World. I do not believe he is anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish. I do believe he is brave enough to ask the questions others fear to ask, and to speak his own understanding of the truth wherever it might lead. Many attempts have been made to censor and silence him. As a woman, and a person of color, as a writer who has been criticized and banned myself, I support his right to share his own thoughts.

It is a sad day for freedom of inquiry, thought, and speech, when an attempt is made to frighten people into lying about what is on their nightstand. This, of course, will be the effect of this misguided and cowardly backlash.

Journey through the Bible - Session 2: Paradise and Pollution (Andrew Courtis)

I say cowardly because I believe the attempt to smear David Icke, and by association, me, is really an effort to dampen the effect of our speaking out in support of the people of Palestine. Pacifists have no option, really, but to make our resistance felt through non-compliance with injustice and brutality. The razing of crops. The taking of land. The imprisonment of poets. I read everything. I even tried once to read Mein Kampf but found it too steeped in German history to make sense. It also seemed pedantic and boring. But after hearing so much about it, I wanted to know what it said for myself.

Suppose these books had been in the pile of books on my nightstand? Was I to be so fearful of what people thought that I would deny I was attempting to read them? The same is true of reading the Talmud, or the Bible, for that matter. Some parts of both are extremely problematic, and contain programming — about how to live, think, behave — that has caused us more grief than we, poor beaten down humans, for the most part, deserve.

Her Day: The Virgen de Guadalupe

What do I believe might save us, as humans, yet? It may sound absurd. The ignorance of many humans, especially in our country, is abysmal. Everything you see, read, or hear, has a backstory. A history. A reason. And Icke, among many others, digs around in the past to try to find out what it is. Awareness is key and we are lucky that there are people, intelligent ones, who care enough to raise it. I say read everybody, read everything! Being mocked, called ridiculous names, and disinvited from events by people whose backbones turn to jelly the moment they realize they might be criticized for having you appear, is a small price to pay for continuing in solidarity with Ancestors who would not have you be any other way.

And with all my love,. Seen many of those lately not backed up by missiles and tanks? Take it or leave it, he is offering something extremely timely and useful. A completely new and different way to understand the world.

Heaven in world religions and history

And the more Israel learned in faith to know and to hope for a future with absolute qualities, the more clearly it was able to see, through the images of its own past, both historic and poetic, that absolute beginning from which it had set out on its course. On the Day of Judgment , heaven will be split asunder, the mountains will crumble to dust, the earth will give up its dead, and each person will undergo a final test. First, I do not think this issue is within the primary thrust of the book. Oct 5 The Edomite Stronghold of Sela. To be reborn in heaven svarga is pleasant but impermanent; even the gods must eventually die.

And if you love mythology, as I do, you will have a fine time seeing how a new myth, with us in it! Still, for some this will seem very far out, and way beyond the safety net of Joseph Campbell. Or even beyond the wild tales and fables of Greek and Hindu storytellers, my favorites for many years.

Ah, madness. Wonderful stuff. You know: virgin births, life after death in the same body, the making of the planet and maybe the whole universe in a week by someone who looks surprisingly like the white man oppressing you, the blackness of humans being a curse, the required obedience of slaves to their masters, the making of woman out of a rib, the silence required of this same rib-fashioned woman in any gathering of the Holy all male by definition and so on.

Keep an open mind.

How the Serpent Became Satan

Change the habits, the hats, the mind-set, the conversation, by any means necessary. Whoever they are. Imagine the Greeks with none of their mythological history to succor, guide, and sometimes horrify them into consciousness. His teachings about so many things are immensely valuable.

Thich Nhat Hanh: Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

Indeed, I have been envisioning how an entire course of study might be constructed around his wisdom. I am perhaps not the person to attempt such a course, but it is obvious to me it would benefit the planet and human and animal kind if someone did. There is a world of information this great teacher and healer offers us: from the perhaps thousands of years Africans have interacted with Space beings to this revelatory look below at the African way with ancient and contemporary Crop Circles.

A gardener, I loved crop circles from the moment I was shown pictures of them. I was also moved by the spirit of the beings who made them. To create so beautifully, so mysteriously, how cool they must be! I also resonate deeply with the traditional African sense of reciprocity and reverence with these unanticipated guests. Credo Mutwa is now 92 years old. He is in great pain, suffering from the knowledge that, as he says, his continent, Africa, is being murdered.

What can we do to stop the depopulation of Africa, of Earth? Let us begin by knowing who we have been; what has already been taken from humanity.

Let us honor and love ourselves, and each other, before we go. This behavior, he said, sometimes saves lives.

What Happens After Death? A Christian Perspective

When attackers see they must eliminate many instead of one, sometimes not always unfortunately they think twice. We are affirmed in our humanity which is actually defined by the work we do, and have done, in the world.

World Peace Day, Oakland, California 2018

through the Bible with our Spiritual Ancestors at Complete PDF Library. Paradise Re-Envisioned by Michael Roden presents an epic spiritual journey. Paradise Re-Envisioned: A Journey through the Bible with our Spiritual Ancestors (English Edition) eBook: Michael Roden, Janet Shafner: Kindle.

This is also the way we create and maintain a different world system, one in which each of us knows we will be seen and affirmed by others who have the courage and self-respect to do so. I have defended many great souls in my life, and hope to do so many times more before I leave this reality.