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She is a senior writer for Legacy Preservation of Omaha, an Omaha family history writing company. In as I joined the Omaha World-Herald as one of its first women city reporters, my peers at Newsweek were revolting. They filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against their employer that ultimately was victorious. Women at the New York Times also sued for discrimination. Meanwhile in Omaha, women journalists were holding potlucks to find under the radar ways to solve our problems. We wanted things like an equal chance to train for top beats and an end to sexism in news coverage.

Little did the guys know that our nonthreatening hen parties had become informal consciousness raising gatherings! But a lawsuit in Omaha?

Are you crazy? We liked being employed.

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I wrote the book because national women journalists my age were telling their stories and I wanted to share our very different tale of breaking the barriers to women in news. I instantly accepted the challenge but almost drove off of I heading home to Omaha because I had no clue if we had even had women journalists in Nebraska way back when.

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During my three-year treasure hunt to find them, I met astonishing women. The columns ranged from accounts of packinghouse workers slaughtering hogs to satirical depictions of rich Omaha women observing morbid Victorian mourning rituals.

They challenged the system one job at a time.

Psychology , B. Journalism Quarterly, 71 3 , Notify me of new posts via email. The greatest proof of the success of the groundbreakers is that current journalism students find their stories so difficult to believe. Even when the newspaper began to modernize, women news reporters worked in their own area of the newsroom with no men. Armstrong, I.

Incidentally Peattie, a working mother with an invalid husband, was the first to predict a great future for Cather. I also discovered two major suffragist journalists, one of whom published an important suffrage newspaper in Beatrice. A year-old columnist from Overton whom I interviewed over the phone described being paid for her paper in chickens during the Dust Bowl when the farmers had no money.

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The landmark Civil Rights Act of mandated that employers hire without regard to gender or race. Instead, for the first time in American history, working women had a legal tool. You get different points of view.

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Schrader rattled her first cage as a KMTV intern one night in by insisting on covering the shooting of a police officer. She challenged the status quo again when she got into a verbal battle with Mayor Bob Cunningham in at a news conference she covered for KLNG Radio. She held her own.

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Discrimination came more from the audience than from her supportive male co-workers, says Shannon. Women brought story ideas into the newsroom that the male reporters had ignored, Schrader notes. Pedersen is now a public relations director in Omaha. Schrader is a real estate agent.

Wirth is creating a new generation of journalists at Creighton University. Author Judy Horan began her career at WOWT at about the same time as the women profiled here, becoming the first woman in management in Omaha television.