Diary of a Bad Mother and Crappy Housewife

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Soon, she had her pick of brands. Those numbers are crucial for bloggers to land more paid gigs, but her chirpiness on her blog was in stark contrast to her own unhappy marriage. Still, Denise had a huge following: 50, unique page views per month on her site. We did it a month ago so the content would be ready.

Her children were mostly good-natured about all the photos she took, but that in itself began to concern her. And then there was the free stuff. One agency coordinates the bloggers, and the amenities are taken care of by sponsors. With such trips, there is generally no contract or promise made to write about the event — the expectation was unspoken. But she spent the sponsored two-day trip wondering why she was there. Feeling out of place, Denise skipped the rest of the planned events and watched the rocket launch alone on the beach that night, no credential badge required.

She started to plan family time around paid posts. It all took away from real time with my kids.

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And so here we are. I guess you could say I managed to control my inner control freak. I am a lazy cow.. And yet, they expect me to be seen trick-or-treating with them. Paige: Read. I made a snow pup!

These kinds of dual sponsorship opportunities were common. Still, that leaves no time to live your life. Something had to give. It was and Denise had just had her third child.

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Suffering from postpartum depression, she had a prescription for anti-anxiety meds, a first for her. She was overwhelmed, and starting to go through a divorce.

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She started a relationship with the man who has been her best friend since she was For the first six months or so after moving to Indiana, Denise put off blogging. She stalled when responding to paid sponsorship requests. She published a total of three blog posts in , and did only a handful of paid social-media campaigns. She has no regrets about the post.

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Bad Scene. Expressionistic poetry and expressionistic visual art are John J.

Buonani's works. His writing can be His writing can be likened to the beats of psychedelic punk.

He is a graduate of American International College with a degree in psychology and philosophy. He also attended Bad Snap. Teach kids how to do things like swim. Me : What do you think you are an expert on? Because I can go really high on the green one, not super duper high on the blue one. Just medium on the blue one. Me : What do you want to learn more about? Paige: Science and spies.

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Paige: Going to swimming today and going underwater. Me : What do you want to be when you grow up? Paige: An acrobat. Me : What do they get to do? Paige: They get to go on trapezes and do all fun stuff. Me : What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Diary of a Bad Mother and Crappy Housewife

Paige: Because I have a safe family and I have a house and toys. Me : What songs are special to you? No more songs that are special to me. Paige: When is the boyfriend one gonna come up? Me: The boyfriend what? Paige: The boyfriend question? Me: What is the boyfriend question? Me: Do you want to answer that? Paige: Yeah.

Me: Are you going to? Paige: I want a boyfriend. Me: What would you do with a boyfriend? Paige: I would play with him. Me: Anything else you want to say about that?

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Paige: Mommy you are just making up questions to me. Me: That is what an interview is. Me: Doing what? Making up questions. Me: Yeah, well I had them written here. Do you think I should have done it differently? Me: How? Paige: Are there more questions? Me: Yeah. Paige: Oooooh! Me : If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Paige: I would go to Hawaii to see the hula dancers.

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Paige: Rhode Island. New Yowk. Where else have we went to? Me : Minnesota. Paige: Minnesota! Where else? Me : Ohio, Kentucky… Paige: Ohio! Me : Not every place has to be your favorite place. Paige: [quietly] I really want to say Kentucky…. Paige: Is the interview done? Me : Almost Paige: Yay! Me : If you could have any super power what would it be? Paige: Ice. Me: What do you mean?

Paige: Freeze bad guys. Me: Then what would you with them? I would be Freeze Girl!